Our mission

As a family business, our mission is simple; to spread love and add a little excitement to every day wear. This is achieved by providing some of the best fashion brands at a low cost. We believe in elegance, it’s comfortable, neat, and shouldn’t break the bank. There is great excitement and confidence in looking sharp while spending less; thus why we exist. 

Our values

  • Loyalty over everything: What is left without loyalty? Absolutely nothing. We are loyal to our vision for our mieps family; stay elegant without breaking the bank. 
  • Passion is key: we are passionate in everything we undertake. We wake up every day thinking of ways to help you look sharp and spend less.
  • Keep it surprising: we encourage and develop wild big ideas; our ambition is to make a difference in your fashion taste. 
  • Learning by doing: we believe in trial and error; we trust our gut feeling and emotions and we take massive risks like putting our customers first in all.
  • Celebrate life: we work hard, but we only do things that give us energy and also adds value to our mieps family, you.
  • Integrity: we are uncompromising about our integrity and are driven by an interest in the world and our customers.